Decorative Concrete Products

The things that you can do with concrete are endless! Whether you want a prettier patio, a modern-looking table, or a beautiful walkway for your business, concrete can do it all. Check out Mid Atlantic Supply’s countertops and walkways for examples of how concrete can be used.

Decorative concrete adds value to a home, is long lasting, cost effective, and doesn’t require much upkeep. We periodically offer demonstrations on how to do decorative concrete yourself. Our great products and great customer service make Mid Atlantic Supply the go-to place for your decorative concrete needs.


Butterfield Integral Colors

Davis Colors

Concrete Stains

Colored Hardeners

Release Agents - Colored and Clear

High Gloss Sealers

Exposed Aggregate Agents

Stamping Tools

Textured Stamping Mats

Chapin Sprayers

Arrow Pool Control Tops

Concrete Cleaners

Anti-Slip Concrete Additives

Countertop Mixes