What services do we offer?

Mid Atlantic Supply submits material pricing for bids, offers product deliveries to your business or job site, and rents out equipment and decorative concrete stamps.

If you have a question, we can answer it.

What construction equipment do we rent out?
  • M.B.W. Ground Pounder
  • Wacker Jumpin’ Jack Tamper
  • Marita Electric Jackhammer
  • Shockwave Power Screed, with a 10’ or 12’ Screed Board
  • M.B.W. AP2000 Plate Tamper
  • Walk Behind Concrete Saw
  • M.B.W. 8HP 4′ Trowel Machine
  • Ramex Wacker Compactor
Do we rent out any decorative concrete material?

We rent out a variety of decorative concrete stamps and forms, such as:

  • Brick Fan Stamp
  • Fieldstone Stamp
  • Terrastone Stamp
  • Orchard Stone Stamp
  • 48” Compass Rose
  • Mayan Cobblestone Stamp
  • Running Bond Used Brick Stamp
  • MAS Basket Weave Stamp
  • Herringbone Stamp
  • Italian Slate Texture
  • 12” Wood Plank Stamp
  • Gilpin’s Falls Bridge Plank Stamp
  • Seashore Stamp
  • Cantilevered Stamp Kits
  • Cantilevered Form Liner 1 1/2”
  • New Brick Basketweave Kit

And more!

Do we charge for weekend rentals?

No, we do not charge for days rented during the weekend. If you rent something for Friday, we only charge you for Friday, not for Saturday and Sunday.

What should you not do while renting something?

If you rent a concrete stamp or liner from us, please make sure that it is completely clean when you return it. If it is not completely clean, we will charge you an additional $50 fee.

Do not put holes in the form liners.

Many of our rental items are worth thousands of dollars. If you break it or lose it, you are responsible.

Can we feature your company’s pictures?

If you have designed a particularly nice patio or walkway (or etc.), while using our products, please feel free to send us a picture. We might feature it on our Facebook or on this website, with a shoutout to your company.

If you are a vendor of ours and want a presence on our website, please feel free to contact us about putting up your logo.